There are places difficult to reach in order to keep them clean. We will handle it. There is nothing impossible for us. Using enviromental friendly state-of-art Technologies as well as traditional methods we perform range of specialist services:

  • cleaning of glass, façades and solar systems
  • ozonation
  • cleaning and disinfection of various surfaces with water vapor
  • dusting, washing and disinfection of internal walls, ceilings and furnishing of warehouse, production and service halls up to 11 m from the ground or, if necessary, using lifts by employees with permission to work at high
  • cleaning of gutters with fallen leaves from the ground level
  • washing and cleaniang floors in production halls, warehouses, service halls etc.
  • cleaning, maintenance/impregnation different types of floors
  • cleaning after renovations and constructions


The ozon is the most often using to neutralizing odors, lighting with allergens such as dust mites or as disinfectant and bactericide.


We offer innovation technology of cleaning glass from the ground level up to 12 m high. Soft bristles brush clean, nozzles rinse with ultra-pure water without the use of chemistry.


As part of our services we offer clearing yachts and boats oferujemy Państwu sprzątanie i czyszczenie jachtów i łodzi with the help of modern, ecological cleaning and washing equipment.


We offer clearing apartments service, holiday resorts and holiday homes by the sea. We provide unique, high quality service.


In the interest of the comfort of our customers we are flexible and customize the cleaning work so that they do not interfere with the functioning of the facility.

 Cleanliness at homes

In response to Your questions we propose cleaning service of flats and private house. Cleaning is matched to individual needs of customer.